School Supplies Needed:

Please note: The 2023 list is now available!  See the list below.

For those who would like to help us collect supplies, see the list below of what we need.  We need school supplies turned in by Monday, August 14, so we can inventory items and see what still needs to be purchased that night.

Click here to view or download the printable list for 2023.

Binders - 3-ring clear-view, sizes 2" and 2-1/2"                        Divider Sets - for binders, 5-ct pack,                                 3-prong Folders with pockets                                                 Spiral Notebooks (college-rule only),                                    Pencil Pouches and Pencil Boxes,                                      Colored Markers - 10-ct packs, washable,                                      Colored Pencils (12-count packs),                                        Pencils (Dixon Ticonderoga, #2 lead),                                        Color Crayons (24-ct boxes),                                              Highlighters (pink, blue, yellow)                                              Black Sharpies (regular tip),                                                Pointed Scissors (for big kids),                                               Fiskar Scissors for Kindergarten (small),                                 Pink Erasers,             Glue Sticks,                                            Pencil Sharpeners.

Please note:  If there are any changes to this list over the summer, we will make a note of that here.

Also, if there is something you don't see on this list, we either already have it or we just don't need it.

Questions?  Feel free to call us at 360-886-1011.

We are available for drop-off Monday-Thursday, 10am-3pm.

We are located at 31605 Third Ave (SR 169) in Black Diamond.

Cheryl Hanson, Executive Director

Applications for School Supplies

The application for school supplies is now available.       Low-income families in Black Diamond and the Enumclaw School District are eligible to apply.

Click here for the application in English.

Haga clic aqui por la aplication en Espanol.

Families, please note these dates:

Applications are due Monday, August 1st, 2023.  If you missed the deadline and still need assistance, please contact us immediately (Llamanos pronto, no espera!).

Supplies will be distributed on Wednesday, August 16th, 2023, 1pm-5pm at the Community Center.  If you have already applied and cannot make it to the event on Wednesday, please call us immediately (360-886-1011) so you can pick up your supplies at another time.


Notes for people seeing this page after the event:

If you missed the deadline and had not applied, call us anyway to see what we can still help you with.  Be sure to download the linked application above and fill it out completely, both pages.

Supplies will be available through the end of September. Applications have been coming in slow, so we will continue to have items available on Mondays and Wednesdays, 10am-3pm.

Questions?  Call us at 360-886-1011.