General Hours:   Monday - Thursday 9am- 4pm H

Closed Friday through Sunday H

Mission Statement

To provide quality social and recreational services for the seniors, youth and families in the greater Black Diamond area.


*** Everybody:  See the attached flyer for our snow and ice policy. ***


Seniors:  See the Senior Programs page for available programs.

*** See our Events page for the flyer for Dinner Auction on October 8th, 2022. ***

*** See our post regarding donations of physical items. ***

Please be sure to contact us before purchasing or delivering items.

*** Food Bank is open Monday and Wednesday, 10am-3pm. ***

Food Bank needs can be found on our Food Bank needs postcard.  Please note that this list does often remain the same for a couple months at a time, depending on the actual inventory and needs of our services.

Doors are closed the general public on Tuesdays and Thursdays to minimize foot traffic and exposure to our senior citizens.  Please call ahead if you need to come on those days.

Interested in joining our Board of Directors?  Meetings are on the second Monday of the month, 11am-12pm.  Click here for an application.

Interested in volunteering?  Call us at 360-886-1011 during business hours, Monday thru Thursday, 9am-4pm.  Please note, we might miss your call when we are running the senior lunch program on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11am-1pm.  This also is the program where we need volunteers the most.

Cheryl Hanson, Executive Director

A note from Cheryl on April 23, 2020

In 1988 concerned citizens formed a non-profit corporation named the Black Diamond Community Center Association.  The Association is an independent organization that is not affiliated with the City.  This allowed the Center an opportunity to serve the surrounding areas needy families.  What was needed was a building to house the emergency food pantry, clothing bank, and provide a meeting place for those in need. 

There was a former bank building in Black Diamond that became available and the Center organization contacted King County to apply for a grant to purchase that building.  The grant was predicated on the Center providing services to the community for 25 years and at the end of that time the building ownership transferred to the Black Diamond Community Center Association. 

We complied by serving the community for over 25 years and the Black Diamond Community Center Association now owns this building and we wish to thank King County Community Development for their services and help.

The Black Diamond Community Center provides social, recreational and emergency services to the residents of the greater Black Diamond area.  See above for the variety of programs offered.